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What Do 4 Generations of Malone’s and the Turquoise Mines in the Southwest Have in Common?

The names of our artificial turf options are the names of turquoise mines in the Southwest and that’s intentional!  We did that to honor our founder, Charlie Malone’s Dad, Eurell, pictured here, lower right. Eurell Thomas Malone was a dealer of carved turquoise from the American Indian tribes of the Southwest.  He could look at turquoise and know exactly which mine it came from.  Fascinating!

Front row (L to R): Eurell Walter Malone, Eurell Thomas Malone. Back row (L to R), Brandon Malone, Charlie Malone, Beau Malone

Look at today’s artificial turf and see the beauty of sustainability, quality, and the legacy of a family inspired by the beauty of nature.

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